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  1. I had an idea that seemed strange to me at first, but still makes sense; the funding of the arXiv is insecure, and this makes dangerous any shift in the publishing system that would make us rely even more heavily on it. So here it is: why not submit a request to have the arXiv enter the immaterial patrimony of humanity at UNESCO? This would probably involve difficult issues, like how it can evolve under such a status, but it would certainly be a good way to ensure its survival for quite a long time. It might also convince more disciplines to enter the arXiv.

  2. Interesting idea, but will probably run into the problem that nobody in this forum (the entire community?) is connected enough to even get a reaction.

    More realistic might be help from projects like the Digital Public Library of America and Europeana. Also, the Library of Congress works on digital preservation on a very broad level.

    Reversely, it seems that the arXiv does not consider public engagement relevant to its mission right now.

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    • CommentAuthorHenry Cohn
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2012

    Is the arXiv’s funding really in jeopardy? I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but they seem to be very successful in getting a lot of institutions to help fund their operations, and I can’t imagine that the community would actually let them collapse.

  3. I do not think one can say the arXiv is in jeopardy, but the funding is unsatisfactory, and I feel Cornell’s library still supports most of it, which is not a healthy situation.

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    • CommentAuthorColin Gopaul
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2012

    Last I read about arXiv funding was about a year ago, not sure how things have progressed since, but this is an important concern not to be overlooked.

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    • CommentAuthorColin Gopaul
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2012
    • (edited May 22nd 2012)

    Funding is really mentioned in a small part: “In many ways, building the technology was simpler than managing the sociological and financial aspects. A decade ago, the main site moved with me and became embedded within Cornell University library. Although it serves more users on a daily basis than any other library resource, most of those users are external, so it is less clear where it should fit in university funding priorities. In the absence of a wealthy donor willing to provide a small endowment in exchange for far more name recognition than any traditional building donation (hint, hint), the library has recently asked institutions who are heavy users to contribute to running costs ( This distributes the financial burden and oversight to a larger community, while buying time to investigate long-term business models.” The support link above leads to the arXiv Sustainability Initiative which seems to have some relevant info. Either way “For questions related to institutional contributions or the sustainability initiative, please contact arXiv at”.