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    • CommentRowNumber1.
    • CommentAuthorJohn Baez
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    • (edited Feb 19th 2012)

    Two people have created articles on the Azimuth Wiki related to discussions here on Math 2.0.

    This material doesn’t exactly belong on the Azimuth Wiki, at least according to the current definition of Azimuth. But, I don’t mind having it there until a better wiki is created, iff you write

    category: publishing

    at the bottom of any Azimuth Wiki page about publishing, journals, intellectual property, arXiv overlays, peer review, and/or related issues connected to Math 2.0. I already did it for the articles I know on these topics.

    This will enable us to see which articles are about these subjects, and move them en masse if that turns out to be a good idea.

    To see all pages on publishing in the Azimuth Wiki, go here:

    • CommentRowNumber2.
    • CommentAuthorEric
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012

    Already on this forum I’m reading lots of good ideas, but like any forum or even MO, these ideas are not being archived/organized in any manner. Because this forum is itex enabled and already compatible with instiki (e.g. nLab and Azimuth), I would suggest creating a Math 2.0 wiki as either a standalone wiki or as a web connecting to an existing instiki site.

    • CommentRowNumber3.
    • CommentAuthorzskoda
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    • (edited Feb 18th 2012)

    1: Saving paper resources, distribution energy, scientists’ costs etc. related to publishing and creating technology for better function of the science and communication in changing world with limited resources was by me, until your explicit disclaimer, understood as being exactly in the line of Azimuth Project central interests: saving a planet in changing world and in the world of limited resources and developing community useful technologies. If passage from paper journals to community funded electronic ones is not kind of savings in exact description of Azimuth Project, and if this is going to be strictly labeled as temporary for future separation, I will definitely cool down from my interest of contributing.

    Disclaimer: I am not proposing for Azimuth to serve for all wiki needs of Math2.0 (for example, I proposed and linked also journal publishing reform at Polymath wiki; it is more optimal if the contributions get tailored/fine tuned to and advanced through various online databases, projects and wikis in the community, including AP, even when a specialized wiki may be created), as there might be many not quite in line with Azimuth Project, but general overview, articles and links for optimization of technology and practices of academic publishing is not only narrow Math2.0 need, but exactly along the line of the public image you built on Azimuth Project. I do not think that a label “publishing” is sufficient criterion of distinguishing publishing aspects close to the heart of AP from those who are not, and automatized treatment would possibly spoil careful contribution.

    • CommentRowNumber4.
    • CommentAuthorJohn Baez
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2012

    I think it’s great if you go ahead and continue to accumulate information on ways to improve scholarly communications at Academic publishing, regardless of which wiki this information finally goes to (it can be more than one).

    I admit the label ’publishing’ isn’t very good, but we can easily change it if we think of a better one, or diversify it if we get lots of articles on this topic. The most important thing is to keep track of the articles that have been written on Azimuth, by labelling them with existing categories, and creating new categories in a very restrained manner, and announcing/discussing all new articles (and categories) on the Azimuth Forum.